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EURO 2016 qualifying

Here are the groups for the EURO 2016 qualifications

Group A
Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, Latvia, Iceland, Kazakhstan

Group B
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Israel, Wales, Cyprus, Andorra

Group C
Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Luxembourg

Group D
Germany, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Georgia, Gibraltar

Group E
England, Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, San Marino

Group F
Greece, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Northern Ireland, Faroe Islands

Group G
Russia, Sweden, Austria, Montenegro, Moldova, Liechtenstein

Group H
Italy, Croatia, Norway, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Malta

Group I
Portugal, Denmark, Serbia, Armenia, Albania


In group where my country Bosnia is, I think we will be fighting for the first position, we are evenly matched to Belgium right now, so the chances are 50:50, but I respect other teams as well since non of them are harmless.. I remember when Bosnia was in the rang of weaker teams but we knew to suprise everyone, that’s what I think of these so called weaker opponents.


Anyway, it’s going to be fun for sure 😉


Beautiful Bosnia – Mostly towns Sarajevo and Mostar


I hope u enjoyed the photos 🙂ImageImageImageImage

Pyramids in heart of Europe ? (Bosnia)

In town Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo, pyramids have been discovered ! Researcher Semir Osmanagic is the author of this concept. He says that these pyramids are the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth. Osmanagic states that he has found tunnels, stone blocks and ancient mortar. He started excavations in 2006, which have reshaped the hill, making it look like the Mayan step pyramid.


Is it hoax, or is it real ? I have visited the site, it’s really amazing, and especially back then when it was ‘popular’. There are still excavations and researching going on, what are your thoughts about this ? Anyway, I suggest everyone to visit it. 🙂



Bosnia and Herzegovina – National team – We’ve made it to the World Cup !!

We’ve finally made it ! This is first time Bosnia qualified to World Cup in Brazil, euophoria was unimaginable, Bosnians celebrated all night after the win over Slovakia, which led us to World Cup.

We are in group F, with Argentina, Iran and Nigeria. I respect our opponents, but me personally I think we can be second, which would be a great result, since our all opponents are good teams.

In qualifications, top scorer was Edin Dzeko, currently playing in Manchester City, came from Wolfsburg. In both clubs he had great results, many times were best scorer and many times he took his team to victory. 
Also, we have many other stares in our national team, like Vedad Ibisevic(Stuttgart), Miralem Pjanic (Roma), Izet Hajrovic (Galatasaray), Misimovic (not sure, but some club in China), etc.. 

History of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia has been inhabited at least since Neolithic times. In the late Bronze Age, the Neolithic population was replaced by more warlike Indo-European tribes known as the Ilyrians. Celtic migrations in the 4th and 3rd century BCE displaced many Illyrian tribes from their former lands, but some Celtic and Illyrian tribes mixed

Middle Ages

Bosnia is first mentioned in 9-th century, it probably existed even before but there’s not enough evidence. In middle ages, Bosniaks had their own religion, they had their own church, called Bosnian church (it’s wasn’t christianity, it just had some similiarites). Bosnia was strongest during the rule of first Bosnian King Tvrtko I Kotromanic, he invaded and took over part of Serbia (Raska) and many parts of Croatia, you can see the map of here.

Kingdom of Bosnia

Before Kingdom, Bosnia was Banate, first Ban was Boric and the second was Kulin, who is the most popular, since for his rule Bosnia had been in peace and he strenghten economy, especially with Dubrovnik (Croatian).

1463, Bosnia was officialy conquered by the Ottoman Empire, until then we put some heavy ressistance against Ottomans. Many Bosniaks accepted Islam, but they wasn’t forced to since the procces of lets say ‘Islamizing’ local population was for 250 years so obviously it wasn’t violant. Islam also have similiarity with our religion, since both of them were praying 5 times a day.

After that, Bosnia was conquered by the Austro-Hungaria, but asside their violent act they were pretty useful like Ottomans since they built many useful structures, buildings, etc. Also I have to mention, first tram in Europe was in Bosnia (Sarajevo, capital city) and second in the world, since first was in L.A. (USA).

In present time, Bosnian flag looks like this, because of the war 1992-1995 (aggresion by the Serbia, Montenegro and later Croatia even though later we united with Croats and made some major operation against Serbs called Operation ‘Storm’) and because there is many Bosnian Serbs we got this fake flag, instead of our real one, which u will after seeing the present one)

Present flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Real flag of Bosnia (Lilium Bosniacum)


There is a propaganda from Serbians (not hating anyone, i just have to mention this) that Bosniaks were actually Serbs turned to Islam religion, but it’s a lie that exists for centuries, Serbs always had to plan to conquer Bosnia and to make it part of their country, which they tried when they attacked Bosnia 1992-1995 (it actually was ’91 but ’92 was officially)

This written was all from my mind, from what I have learned and what I know.


Hello everyone, this is my first blog on English, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts and watching amazing photos, videos and other things that I’ll be posting.